Customer Testimonials:

"The quality of your chrome bumpers is some of the best I have seen. The bumpers arrived very well packaged and in show condition. Thank you very much for helping me restore my 68 Cutlass 442!" - Frank, Wisconson

"I will recommend you to all of my friends and associates here in Germany, the Hummer H2 bumpers look great and I'll be very happy with them. Thank you!" - Fred, Germany

The Restoration Process

Now using the triple plate method, with copper, nickle and chrome! All products will be show chrome quality!

Restoration Chrome specializes in restoring the chrome on your automobile to it's original shine. Contact us for availability of bumpers that already rechromed, or we can rechrome yours.

How we restore your bumper:

1. We repair any pits, holes, dents and creases. (note: holes caused by rust may be unable to be repaired)
2. We straighten the bumper or piece to its original shape, if necessary.
3. We strip, polish, and chrome your bumper using high quality nickel chrome.
4. Your bumper is restored to it's original, OEM condition

We can restore nickel or chrome:

•All types of bumpers and bumper guards
•Hood Ornaments
•Stove Parts
•Boat Parts
•Most any metal parts

We also straighten and polish:

•Stainless Steel

We cannot chrome plastic or wheels

Chrome Bumper Plating Price Guide

(By Make and Model, PDF)

Customer Testimonials:

"I was told about you guys from a corvette website. I heard you guys do some of the best work and that's what I am after." - Bill, New York

"I'd like to thank you for the excellent set of bumpers I received. This quality is difficult to get a hold of in Switzerland, especially for your reasonable prices!" - Reto, Switzerland

Email: .:. Phone: 303-349-6688 .:. Address: 11610 N Morrill Dr Mead WA

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